ITg Logo
The redesign of the ITg logo was really a way for me to practice my skills on rebranding and sort of doing a research in the market and recommending something that would stand out a bit more than what they had originally. 
I first stumbled upon the logo due to my boyfriend's brother owning the company. I hadn't redesigned logos in quite awhile so I thought I would give it a try and see if it was something that they could in-turn use for their company to gain more traction and help with brand recognition. 
The top logo is Integrate Technology's original logo. They did pay a design student to make it originally. I think that the logo had good ideas behind it but it looks unintentional due to the kerning of the letters compared to the spacing between the 'g' and the 'Integrated Technology". 
I wanted to add to the brand recognition that they had previously by using the same icon and font but creating a more aesthetically pleasing layout. The bottom two are the concepts that I came up with for alternating uses. The icon and word mark on the far left would be their logo found on business material. The icon on the far right would be the icon used for apparel or promotional items in place of their logo.  
I believe that the logos that I designed are cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing. They also lend themselves to branding, name recognition and are more interesting layouts. 
Above are mockups of business cards as well as stationary. I believe that the more simplistic look in the business cards as well as the bold, bright colors add to the "technology" feel. Since the logos/icons are more intricate, having more on the business cards would distract and take away from the brand. I used the same color palette on the stationary. Again, I wanted to go with something more simplistic to add to brand recognition and go alongside the feel of the company. 
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