About Social Media
I started running Hastings Mutual Insurance Company's social media on January 1, 2022. I was previously contributing an illustrated quote weekly but my responsibilities were to now do a research and recommend on Facebook (posting, content, reach) and to build an Instagram from the ground up. 
From January 1 - April 15, Hastings' Facebook Page Reach is up 210% (31,575), Page Visits are up 34.8% (1,185), and New Page Likes are up 58.3% (57). The top 25 posts in terms of reach are posts that I have designed/scheduled with content that I have provided. 
I have set the schedule up to post 3 days a week when Hastings' viewers are most online as well as times they are online. I built a social media calendar with relevant topics and decided to target the public/policy holders instead of only targeting agents which Hastings has previously only done. 
As I started to run Hastings' social media, I pivoted our target viewer to both the agent and the policy holder and that has shown huge success. The design on the top left is part of a series that I proposed to showcase Hastings' Exceptional and 1885 agencies (agencies that have over a certain amount of premium each year). I wanted to draw attention to these specific agencies as they are a huge contributor to Hastings' success and I wanted to show them appreciation for all that they do. I also really liked the idea of seeing who you possibly were working with - it makes looking into insurance/changing insurance a much easier process. A face behind the name is important to create that "home-town" feel, personalized experience that Hastings is really promoting.
The design on the top right is a new version of displaying comments that have been left by previous customers. I wanted them to be more fun and light-hearted yet aesthetically pleasing and professional. I wanted them to seem like they were indeed coming from a real person and weren't just automatically generated somewhere so I included a first name and city/state if available. I really thought it was important to post testimonial so that both policy holders and the general public could see what Hastings had to offer as well as what they were about. I feel that most people are more comfortable working with a company once they've read some testimonials to see that the company is in fact real and that they do what they say they will. 
The design above on the bottom left is another example of recognizing an agency that Hastings works with. 
The design above on the bottom right is a hiring post that I created to be more fun and eye-catching than the normal, boring hiring template that can be found. I wanted something that was almost startling so that someone would stop and read it. I also wanted it to be short, sweet and to the point. I used Hastings' secondary and tertiary colors that are not often used. 
Above are some examples of Infographics that I have made for Hastings' social media. I wanted to design posts that were eye-catching yet still informative. I hand-drew most of the graphics to make the "boring" topics more interesting for the everyday individual. I tried to also use a variety of color so that that post would stand out while also being in line with brand standards.
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