Happy Birthday Card
I was sought out and given creative freedom (still within the corporate box) to design both a Happy Birthday card as well as an Anniversary card that would be used for Marketing employee's at Hastings Mutual Insurance Company as well as be sent out to agents that represent Hastings. I wanted to create something that was lighthearted and personal that someone would be excited to receive. I went with more of a printmaking layering technique for the lettering and characters and did more of an illustrative style to enhance the fun, lightheartedness of the piece. 

Happy Anniversary Card
I wanted the Anniversary card and the Birthday card to pair well together and look like they were made with intention. I used the same graphic but rotated it to add another dimension to the card. I added hand written text to make it seem more personal and not like a generic card that you could buy anywhere else.

Overall, these cards were a great sense of camaraderie within the department and with Hastings' agents. They greatly appreciated the handmade sentiment as well as being recognized for these events as Hastings has not done that in the past. 
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