Hastings Mutual Insurance Company Billboard
I was sought out to work on a project to update the Hastings Mutual billboard located in Hastings, MI. The project manager sought me out to design something in my style that would offer a more modern and fun look that pushed outside of Hastings' corporate box.
The direction that I was given was something minimalistic yet eye-catching. Something that would showcase that Hastings was an essential part of the community and that they give back to their roots. Originally, they wanted a line drawing with individuals of all shapes and sizes lined up, holding hands to show camaraderie. After a few iterations and design changes, we agreed that that wasn't the best design to show Hastings as incorporated into the community. Instead we worked together on an idea to showcase what the actual community might look like and show the Insurance Company integrated. We also wanted to sneak some of the coverages that Hastings offers into the image such as house, auto and farm.
Hastings has received very positive feedback on the much different billboard concept than they've previously had. We have received feedback from both upper management at Hastings as well as policy holders and community members. They love seeing something that is so different and that isn't seen as an "advertisement". 
Above is a mockup of what this design would look like before it had been sent to the vendors to be laid out on Hastings' billboard.
Above is the actual billboard that was put up by Hastings Mutual vendors, located in Hastings, Michigan. 
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